Men's Swimwear Style

Let us open a new world of swimwear fashion for you.

Hot bikinis, tiny thongs, micro G-strings, skin tight short shorts and so much more.

Maybe you are ready to take the plunge, to shed those old surf shorts and get into real fashion. Men's swimwear style is the answer for men who work so hard to keep their bodies looking great. Hot styles have always been the default in Europe where you see men wearing all sorts of wonderful bikinis, sexy thongs and even the smallest little G-strings. Quite often the men are wearing fashions that are as small or smaller than their girlfriends are wearing. The big news is that this trend has hit the USA over the past few years so much so that we would say bikinis including Brazilian style bikinis are now considered mainstream. Go to any beach in Los Angeles or Florida both areas considered the cutting edge of men's swimwear style and you will see men wearing bikinis of all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind we do not classify Speedos as bikinis but as briefs. Bikinis show a lot more skin and leave a fantastic tan line. My opinion is that the newest thongs are now the most interesting styles for the beach. Girls have been showing a lot of ass for years and men are just starting to catch up at least here in the USA. In Europe men have been showing a lot of ass for decades. It is a wonderful experience changing for wearing surf shorts to slipping on a tiny bikini. At first I felt like I was not wearing a thing, like going to the beach naked, After a few years of wearing sexy spandex designs I now wear the smallest G-strings without a second thought and sometimes wear a bikini as a cover-up. My how things have changed.

Finding hot men's swimwear style fashion designs is not as easy as it is for the ladies. The girls can walk into any department store and even sporting goods stores and find hot little suits. Sorry guys your shopping will need to be online. The great part of that is there is so much to choose from. Incredibly the hottest extreme men's swimwear designs are coming out of California and being shipped all over the world. Our site is designed to help you find the perfect suit for your body. If this is your first time trying extreme swimwear I know the journey will be an amazing one, just try not to get addicted to it. Do you already have a large swimwear collection of are building one? Our site will take you to swimwear design you might not yet have dreamed of but I promise you will.

Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Male Form Swimsuits, Pouch Only Suits, Short Shorts and other spandex creations.